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Advanced Computer Technology Precision

Take Advantage of your bite. Backed by 40 years of science and neuromuscular research, each Bite Advantage PPM™ is custom-fit by expert dentists applying neuromuscular science principles. Additionally, the PPM™ Elite and PPM™ Signature Series fitting process employs advanced computer technology that tracks every movement of your jaw to the millimeter in a process that takes well over an hour to measure your nerve energy fields. This ensures that your PPM™ precisely fits only one athlete - you, and gives you an advantage over your competition.

The PPM™ is not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny - just as is an expert personal trainer, strength coach, endurance coach and other expert. New research shows an improvement in neck strength symmetry, a reduction in headaches and whiplash protection as your neck acts as a shock absorber for your head.

At Shock Doctor PPM, we understand that the key to realizing your athletic potential is You. Our emphasis is on unlocking your inherent potential through principles of neuromuscular science applied to and customized just for you. Each customized PPM™ is designed for the single most important athlete on the planet – You, and is the key to unlocking your natural athletic advantage.

Mouth Guard Test Results for Jaw Alignment

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